George OAKES – Down The Ages

As rightly quoted by Peter Gabriel, “All of those cars were once just a dream in somebody’s head” and in the contemporary global scenario, the automobile spare supply industry has positioned a strong foothold with an added motto of serving the humanity. Started as “GARAGE” by Mr. George Henry Augustine Oakes, it was re-christened after change of ownership to the Amalgamations Group.


After a short period of governance by the Simpsons Co.Ltd, George Oakes Ltd., came into existence in 1941. The company’s kismet and affluence ascended after its acquisition by Mr.Ananthakrishnan in 1945. George Oakes acquired the operations of car dealership operations by Gordon Woodroffe Motors marked its entry into the automobile business as the sole dealers for Ford cars in South India.

The organization located itself in Chennai (Madras then) and celebrated the pride of being the pioneers, sole exclusive dealers of Ford cars in South India after procurement of the same from Gordon Woodroffe. With relinquishment of Ford from India in 1956, the late 1950s and early 1960s witnessed George Oakes pioneering the sales of FOMOCO Genuine Spares alongside others procured against import licenses. By the 1960’s the organization had already forayed into automobile spare sales in the Northern and Western India. By the millennium, apart from hosting a huge supply of automobiles and dealership for MF / TAFE tractors in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu, its horizon extended to genuine TATA MOTORS spare sales towards the year’s end. Liaisons with Mahindra & Mahindra and Bosch Ltd.. followed suit.

Mr.S. Anantharamakrishnan

Spread across 9 states, hosting genuine spares of two reputed vehicle manufacturers, proprietary parts from leading Tier I suppliers to OEMs, strong association with a prominent diesel injection equipment manufacturer and a dealership for tractors, the company remains undisputed.

The organization has focused on consumer and employee augmentation since inception with video conferencing networking facility standing testimonial to that in current times. Commencing with Tally Software in 1999 acquaintance with mini ERP, the company has implemented Oracle E Business Suite 12.1.3 throughout its network. Employee customer interactions have been facilitated by constant training schedules and strategically designed devices to meet voluminous data. Persistently evolving ever since its foundation, unswerving developments, contented patrons and workforce have placed the organization as one of the top “trusted automobile spare” Industries in India.