Vision, Mission, Culture and Values

Over 300 employees dispersed at 36 different locations promoting the sale of products of over 20 supplier principals catering to 7000 retail outlets need a buoy to anchor themselves to. The Vision and Mission and Culture and Values statement of the Company articulates the guiding principles, lighting the path to be followed.


To act as an efficient, economic and reliable channel partner to our principals in the automotive and component industry in escorting their goods to the actual users.


It is our mission to provide the widest economically viable geographical spread of the products of our principals while constantly meeting their growth aspirations.

To the consuming public we will provide constant and convenient access to genuine products at affordable prices.

The interests of our stake holders will be promoted in the course of our endeavours.


Our objective is to create an environment that encourages close collaborative effort among stake holders and cultivates the assimilation of the BEST from ALL dealings.Achievment of ENDS by desirable MEANS and a holistic approach to stakeholder welfare will be recognised.


To have as our guiding principle the pursuit of excellence through aggressive, ethical and innovative means.